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Our Community

Trentino of Fairhope takes its name from the autonomous region of northern Italy known as Trentino-Alto Adige.

The Trentino-Alto Adige region presents a different and mutable panorama in which the contributions of many diverse cultures have
joined and produced architecture with authentic original characteristics. This hybrid region is where Italy meets Germany, where
southern Mediterranean meets the northern Bavarian Alps. Trentino-Alto Adige architecture is a blend of Medieval, Renaissance
and Gothic styles.

In the spirit of Trentino-Alto Adige’s architectural and cultural diversity, Trentino of Fairhope promotes a harmonious mixture of the
most architecturally influential styles of Europe with those of the America South.

Trentino of Fairhope is a blend of Southern and Acadian Vernacular with Coastal Mediterranean and European Tudor architectures.
These styles represent some of the finest and most influential architecture in the world and promise to hold their beauty and value
for generations to come.

Our Location

Trentino of Fairhope is located on the “Eastern Shore” of Mobile Bay and is situated between the historic “Village of Montrose” and
the “Colony of Fairhope”.

“Village of Montrose” – Much of the Montrose community has been designated by the State of Alabama and the United States as
an Historic District. Fourteen of the homes in this small community date from the early 1850’s and are listed on the National
Register of Historic Places. Modern day Montrose is a blend of historic structures and newer homes of Creole/Acadian, Greek
Revival and European architecture.

“Colony of Fairhope” – Started as a dream in the 1800’s by a group of individuals seeking their own utopia, the Single Tax Colony
of Fairhope sits high on the bluff overlooking Mobile Bay. Fairhope boasts a beautiful village-style downtown with countless shops,
bookstores, restaurants, galleries and public displays of art. Fairhope maintains its unparalleled quality of life through movements
that honor its heritage and original concept.

Area Map

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About Our Area

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